Pennard Organic Wines and Ciders


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Note, there is no minimum order, but carriage is £11.95 per case of 1-12 bottles. Case discount (10%) applies to 12 or more bottles. Max online order 4 cases

Our local variety of cherry plums give this wine a rich yet refreshing balance.£11.55

Organic Plum Wine

Full-bodied, red, sweet and fruity, this wine goes particularly well with cheese.£11.55

Organic Tayberry Wine

Smooth, mellow and strong. The honey is balanced by a fresh, lemony tang.£12.8

Organic Mead

Intensely fruity and delicious. It packs a punch at 21% alcohol.£15

Organic Raspberry Liqueur

Sweet and spicy. The ultimate ginger experience for those who can handle it.£15

Organic Ginger Liqueur

Sweet and tangy with lingering after-taste of almonds.£15

Organic Damson Liqueur

Intense and tangy blackcurrant, perfect for kir royale£15

Organic Cassis Liqueur

This is a fortified, sweeter version of the apple mead, a serious contender for 'nectar of the gods'.£15

Organic Mead Liqueur